Batsev Sergey

Batsev Sergey

Business Ambassador to Shaanxi Province and Shanghai (China)


  • The People’s Government of Shaanxi Province
  • The Committee on economy and trade of the free economic zone Yang Ling, Shaanxi province
  • Innovation Park «Silk Road», Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
  • Xi'an New District Development Corporation, Shaanxi Province

Sectoral priorities

  • Production
  • Trading activities
  • Food industry

Resources and services

Sergey Batsev heads the Russian-Chinese corporation Global trade SINORUS Co. Ltd., which operates in the segment of B2B sales and online retail trade in China (food and consumer goods).

The company has long experience in business activities in China and interaction with the business community of the P. R. China, wide financial and information resources.

Global trade SINORUS Co. Ltd. can provide support to Russian business in the realization of goods and services in China, help to operate in the Chinese market and to set up manufacturing facilities in China, and accelerate logistics developments.

Core activity

In November 2018, Sergey Batsev organized the business mission of Business Russia to Xi'an (China). The business tour was dedicated to Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of agriculture.

As part of the business program, a delegation of Russian agrarians, food producers and government officials visited major agricultural enterprises in Xi'an, and also met with representatives of the Government of Shaanxi Province to get acquainted with the benefits and preferences for foreign companies. The Russian delegates were able to establish direct personal contacts with representatives of Chinese business and hold negotiations.

Also, in March 2020, Sergey Batsev supported the initiative of Business Russia and took part in the collection of humanitarian aid, which was sent to state and commercial institutions in China to struggle with the coronavirus epidemic.

Supplementary information

Sergey Batsev is a member of the General Council of the All Russian Public Organization Business Russia.

 He was awarded the certificate of honor of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation «For his contribution to the development of the food industry», as well as letters of gratitude and diplomas for his inestimable contribution to the development of the All Russian Public Organization Business Russia.

 Sergey Batsev was awarded the Gratitude of the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the State Duma Committee on Education and Science.


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