Bishenov Alim

Bishenov Alim

Business Ambassador to Jordan

Sectoral priorities

  • Car industry
  • Development and construction
  • Distribution
  • Investment
  • Information technology
  • Commercial real estate
  • Metallurgy and mining
  • Media and Internet industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Military-industrial complex and mechanical engineering
  • Consumer goods market (FMCG)
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • Agriculture and food
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade
  • Transport and logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance and insurance
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Electric power

Resources and services

  • Analysis of risks associated with entering new markets
  • Verification of the trustworthiness of business partners and counterparties
  • Conducting negotiations; attracting and protecting investments
  • Structuring of transactions; information and analytical support of negotiations, transactions and projects
  • Ensuring legal, economic and information security of transactions and projects
  • Resolution of court and arbitration disputes; conducting internal corporate investigations of incidents
  • Protection of businesses from criminal prosecution

Core activity

Alim Bishenov has been the Business Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since July 2020 and is focused on the development of trade relations between Russia and Jordan

Supplementary information

From 2019 to 2021 Alim Bishenov was approved as a member of the Expert Council of the Committee on the security of entrepreneurship of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation; member of the General Council of the Russian public organization Buisness Russia and a member of the Legislative Council of this organization and its business Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; member Committee on the property and the judiciary and the Committee on corporate relations of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs; Assistant Senator of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and Assistant Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. At the same time since 2015, Alim Bishenov has been a regular author of professional publications and a speaker for the leading federal mass media in the field of ensuring the legal and economic security of business activities, has received commendations and industry and departmental awards.


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