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About Business Russia:

Business Russia is an All Russia Public Organization that unites more than 5,000 entrepreneurs mainly from medium non-resource business. Founded in 2001, the organization today has 85 regional offices across the country. 

Business Russia combines enterprises from more than 40 fields: construction, light industry, IT and high-tech, mechanical engineering, agriculture, finance, etc. The managing board of Business Russia is called the General Council and includes more than 200 national business leaders. The total annual revenue of companies belonging to or headed by Business Russia members is about 2.8 trillion rubles and the total number of jobs provided by these companies is almost one million.

The organization is incorporated into the Russian policy-making process. Business Russia representatives are the members of 250 advisory bodies under the President of the Russian Federation, the government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly and federal ministries and departments. The organization on a regular basis prepares annual reports and elaborates proposals on different aspects of social and economic policies, particularly those on industrial and regional development, tariff and tax regulations of business activity, and initiatives on expanding business, entrepreneurial activity and competition development.

Business Russia is fully engaged in international activities. The organization advocates the interests of Russian business on foreign markets and amplifies business-partnership mechanisms, creating new opportunities for Russian entrepreneurs. As a part of its international activity Business Russia keeps in touch and carries out joint projects with entrepreneurial and social organizations of the following countries: Japan, India, Germany, Canada,  Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the USA, etc.  It has a wide network of business partners and business ambassadors (official representatives of Business Russia abroad).