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Catalan Small and Medium Business Association PIMEC

Cooperation agreement was signed on May 4, 2015 in Russia. Web-site.

PIMEC - this is an association of employers that represents micro, small and medium enterprises and self-employed people in Catalonia. Its origin dates back to 1975, when it was created at the beginning of a democratic transition. In 1994, it merged with the Independent Business Association (AEI) and in 1997 with the SEFES legal entity.

PIMEC consists of individual partners (companies and self-employed workers) and collectives (trade associations and associations of industry or territorial companies). It is defined as a diversified, independent and autonomous business confederation of any third-party agency, authority or legal entity. Its resources are based on the quotas of its partners, as well as on the services provided and on the projects of the public and private sectors in which it participates.