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Egyptian Businessmen’s Association

Cooperation agreement was signed on April 1, 2017 in Egypt. Web-site.

The EBA was founded in 1975 and ratified in 1979 in accordance with Law 32/1964. The EBA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to combine the efforts of private Egyptian interests in promoting the productivity and effective national economic and social development of Egypt.

Established in the early seventies, the mission of the Association of Egyptian Businessmen was to unite the efforts of the Egyptian private sector to protect its interests, promote its products and increase its productivity and efficiency in a more liberal and democratic environment. Nevertheless, working within the framework of the national economic and social development of Egypt. At that time the Egyptian economy was the central planning economy, the Egyptian Association of Entrepreneurs, in order to fulfill these duties, was primarily to lobby the government on behalf of the Egyptian business community to protect its interests and expand the private sector. At present, the Egyptian economy does not operate under planned forces, but rather by the forces of the free market. With all these privatization programs and the growing share of the private sector in GDP, together with the process of globalization, the Egyptian private sector must manifest itself both at the local and international levels. Accordingly, the Association of Egyptian Entrepreneurs has changed its activities to meet the new needs of the Egyptian business community, as a service provider and catalyst for the catalyst, as well as lobbying power.