Gulian Eduard

Gulian Eduard

Business Ambassador to Spain and Portugal


  • EGTM Capital Invest (Real Estate, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Institut Guttman (Rehabilitation, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Barcelona Medical Consulting (Medicine Barcelona, Spain)
  • FIABCI (Real Estate, Barcelona, Spain)
  • ONCE Foundation (Social Integration, Madrid, Spain)
  • CEPYME (Business, Madrid, Spain)
  • Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors (Business, Madrid, Spain)
  • SERCOBE (Engineering, Madrid, Spain)
  • LaBe (Law, Madrid, Spain)
  • Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Spain (Diplomatic Mission Madrid, Spain)
  • Association of Centenary Restaurants of Madrid (Gastronomy, Tourism Madrid, Spain)
  • Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities (Sports, Institutional, Madrid, Spain)
  • Club Madrid Chamber (Business Madrid, Spain)
  • Bilbao Chamber of Commerce (Business Bilbao, Basque Country)
  • Proyectos Globales Exterior (Business Seville, Andalusia)
  • Círculo de Comercio Internacional (Business Malaga, Andalusia)
  • CEOE CEPYME Cuenca (Cuenca Business, Castilla-la Mancha)
  • Realjet (Commercial real estate, Moscow, Russia)
  • Palais Royal (Drinks, Moscow, Russia)
  • Business Council Russia-Portugal (Business, Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Innova (Business, Lisbon, Porto, Portugal)

Sectoral priorities

  • Medical Projects (PPP)
  • Technical aids
  • Engineering
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Agro-industry
  • Fashion
  • Construction and architecture

Resources and services

Eduard Gulian heads the Russian-Spanish company ACIR/ACE, which promotes the development of trade, economic and industrial relations between Spain, Portugal, Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The company develops, finances and manages projects in various sectors of the economy, applying an individual approach. Thanks to its experience, it offers the best solutions for internationalization, finding financing and expanding companies.

Sales of products

  • Export
  • Technology
  • Public tenders


  • Opening a business
  • Business expansion
  • New projects

Representative office

  • Administrative services
  • Support of event
  • Representation

Core activity

October 2019. Visit of the Moscow Government delegation to Madrid and Malaga

  • The business part of the program was organized by ACIR/ACEA
  • Practical seminars and business negotiations were held
  • The ACIR/ASIA Project Office developed the Barrio de las letras Madrid/ Moscú (BLM&M)
  • Continuation of the Madrid - Moscow video conference in December 2020 and presentation of projects, products and technologies (Barrio de las letras, ventilator distribution modules, food production technology and cold logistics)

Business mission of restorers, distributors in January 2020

  • negotiations, meetings, tastings in Madrid and Barcelona
  • February 2020, presentation of the project of the food and beverage platform Consorcio Fiesta
  • work with manufacturers, associations, funds, banks, insurance groups-preparation of a marketing plan (through 12 implementation channels)
  • formation of the Consorcio Fiesta platform

October 2018, co-organizer of the fashion show. Conferences and negotiations were held

  • November 2018. Moscow Fashion Week
  • February 2019. Madrid Fashion Week
  • meetings and negotiations with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and the Chamber of Commerce of Seville (2019)
  • creating a digital fashion platform

Architectural construction projects

  • FIABCI, F&C, Javier Carvajal
  • Ferre, Iniesta
  • Housing projects have been implemented and built in Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia

Restaurantes Centenarios de Madrid

  • January 2020 preparation of the Consorcio Fiesta project
  • food and beverage supplies
  • the project of Barrio de las letras Madrid/Moscú

An advisory board was established by project participants and partners. July 2018

  • negotiations with VEB, REC and Sberbank (August-October)
  • creation of the Europe-South project, office in Milan

December 2019, conference Invest in Cities

  • February-March 2020. Visit to Cuenca y Guadalajara
  • signing of a treaty CEOE CEPYME Cuenca
  • joint architectural and construction project in Madrid

December 2018. The ACEA/ACEA delegation is working in Lisbon at the Joint Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Russia and Portugal

  • June 2019. Workshop with the participation of ACIR/ACEA, API, Cámara de Comercio, Embassies of Russia and Kazakhstan in Portugal
  • June-July. Visit Portugal for the production of furniture, ceramics, clothing
  • work with Portuguese companies at the exhibition in Russia: fashion, food
  • inclusion in the digital fashion and food platform (Consorcio Fiesta)

September 2019. Joint event with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, AIR with the participation of the Russian Ambassador and the Russian Trade Representative in Spain

  • start of work on the creation of business ecosystems together with law firms, insurance companies, banks, business associations of Russia and Spain
  • export from Russia to Spain of rehabilitation equipment (exoskeletons for treatment after strokes), training IT programs

April 2019. Joint work with the delegation of Business Russia in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

  • October 2019. Business mission to Madrid with Uzbek companies
  • March 2020. Negotiations with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Madrid
  • July 2019. The signing of the agreement on the establishment of the Economic Council together with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Madrid and ACIR/ACEA
  • selection of projects for functional nutrition, medical equipment, technologies for the agricultural and veterinary industries
  • organization of negotiations between the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Club of exporters and investors of Spain
  • expansion of the ACIR/ACEA project portfolio with new projects in the field of planning, reconstruction of city blocks in Tashkent, a logistics center project, including "cold logistics", a tourism cluster project

September 2017, the start of work in Astana with Spanish and Russian companies and government representatives

  • November 2018, working in Moscow with the delegation of Kazakhstan, discussing projects in the field of energy, agriculture, medicine
  • July 2019, negotiations in Madrid with the Embassy of Kazakhstan and representatives of companies from Kazakhstan

September 2019, working in Saint Petersburg with the Fundación ONCE delegation

  • October 2019, negotiations with the delegation of the Moscow Government in Madrid
  • June 2020, signing of agreements between ACIR/ACEA and ONCE on working in 5 projects


Supplementary information

  • Member of the General Council of the All Russian Public Organization Business Russia
  • Chairman of the Subcommittee on Commercial Real Estate
  • Member of the Committee on Export Development and International Business Partnership
  • Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow Regional Office on PPP and Commercial Real Estate


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