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Investment Promotion Agency PRONicaragua

Cooperation agreement was signed on May 22, 2014 in Russia. Web-site.

PRONicaragua is Nicaragua’s official investment agency, established in 2002. In October 2015, it was declared by the National Assembly as a decentralized entity, under the sectoral rectory of the Presidency of the Republic and a public-private board of directors. Its mission is to generate economic growth and job creation by promoting high-quality investments. It offers complimentary support services to qualified investors interested in exploring business opportunities in Nicaragua.

Throughout the years, PRONicaragua has become a key player in the implementation of a national strategy with the dual purpose of reducing poverty and fostering Nicaragua’s sustainable development. The agency thus represents an agent of change in society, as it promotes Nicaragua as a safe and strategic target for foreign investment. In parallel, PRONicaragua plays a significant role in improving the country’s business climate through the recommendations and feedback it presents to public authorities. All of the agency’s actions ultimately contribute to generating employment opportunities and technology transfer and to improve the population’s quality of life.