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Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation

Cooperation agreement was signed on December 21, 2015 in Sudan. Web-site.

The main objectives of the Union:

  1. Work to create in good conditions for friendly relations between those parties in the production workers and the employer, or between themselves or between them employers and competent authorities in the state in order to stimulate growth and economic development.
  2. Work to raise the level of members and protect their rights in state economic plans and programs, and encourage and increase investment in their economic activities by creating projects in various fields.
  3. Promote research and research in economic, scientific and applied sciences in all fields and support the research and development of industry, trade and agriculture, and the creation of exhibitions and markets in Sudan and abroad to promote and promote national products.
  4. Participation of official bodies of the state in the development and implementation of plans and economic programs and, if necessary, the promotion of issues and issues related to the interests of each in terms of competence and participation in official delegations, both domestically and abroad.
  5. Creation of control to prevent the implementation of economic activities conducted by members, to ensure the preservation of their rights and ensure the protection of citizens and public interests.
  6. Work on the abundance of production in the framework of economic and social development plans.
  7. Seek to assist the state in the development and implementation of economic and social development plans and provide advice and recommendations on matters relating to the interests of employers related to national development.
  8. Working with various government bodies to modernize the laws and regulations of employers in the interests of their interests and development interests and participate in national planning and legislative councils in the economic, social, cultural and educational spheres
  9. Representing and presenting the perspective of employers in official bodies, both within and outside the country, accession, participation and coordination with local, regional and international organizations in accordance with established policies.