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Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI)

Cooperation agreement was signed on July 14, 2014 in Brazil. Web-site.

The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry is an official and high-level organization representing the Brazilian industry. Since its foundation in 1938, CNI has defended the interests of domestic business and production, acting as the main interlocutor with the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power, as well as with various organizations and organizations in Brazil and around the world.

CNI represents 27 federal industry federations of Brazil and 1,245 sectoral employers' unions, which are joined by almost 700,000 companies.

Since its inception, CNI has played a leading role in Brazilian society, facilitating discussion and consensus building on key national issues, especially those that affect the effectiveness of Brazil's industry and economy.

The main voice in the national arena of CNI, whose headquarters is in Brasilia and has an office in São Paulo, discusses and proposes proposals for the development and improvement of state policies and laws that strengthen the manufacturing sector and modernize the country.

In addition, CNI promotes research, innovation and technological development of the national industry. In addition, he supports initiatives aimed at improving the situation, social status and training of workers throughout the country.