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Who is a business ambassador?

Who is a business ambassador?

A business ambassador is an official representative of Business Russia abroad.

What is the network of business ambassadors?

The network of business ambassadors is an important resource for entrepreneurs. It enables members of Business Russia to enter foreign markets, search for new foreign partners and get initial support. Vice-President of the organization Nonna Kagramanyan oversees the activities of business ambassadors.

Who can become a business ambassador?

Only Business Russia General Council Members with proven track records of carrying out vigorous business activities abroad who have expressed interest in strengthening relations between Russian and foreign entrepreneurs can be appointed as business ambassadors.

What are main duties of a business ambassador?

  • To negotiate with the officials of relevant state bodies and entrepreneurs' associations in a host country;
  • To interact with the representatives of the diplomatic corps of the Russian Federation located in a host country;
  • To participate in the work of different intergovernmental bodies on trade and economic, scientific and technological cooperation between the Russian Federation and the host country;
  • To launch initiatives on organizing forums, conferences, roundtables and seminars on the development of international business connections;
  • To send official requests to state bodies of the Russian Federation located in a host country.

What is the procedure of appointment? Who appoints business ambassadors?

If you meet the requirements mentioned above and have an interest in obtaining the status of business ambassador, please contact the Department for International Cooperation: [email protected], 8-495-649-18-26 ext. 215, 343, 344.

A business ambassador is appointed by the Chairman of the Organization for a one-year-term.

Do business ambassadors represent the state?

No. Business ambassadors are not public officials; they represent the interests of entrepreneurs - members of Business Russia. 

What is the difference between a business ambassador and a trade representative of the Russian Federation?

The Office of the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation is an overseas representative body of the State that is responsible for the development of trade relations and has diplomatic status. As for business ambassadors, their main goal is to promote interests of Business Russia and its members abroad.

How many business ambassadors does Business Russia have? In what countries do they work?

At the moment, Business Russia has 41 business ambassadors abroad. A full list of business ambassadors and countries is available via the link:

How to contact a business ambassador?

To request the contact details of any business ambassador, please contact the Department for International Cooperation: [email protected], 8-495-649-18-26 ext. 215, 343, 344.

What is the role of Business Russia ambassadors in the foreign economic activity of the country?

Business ambassadors raise the level of awareness of the host country's business community about the opportunities for establishing partnerships with Russian entrepreneurs. Acting without reference to state institutions, business ambassadors have the opportunity to conduct fast, precise and customized research in the host country. Also, being entrepreneurs themselves, business ambassadors can better assess the problem areas of bilateral trade and economic cooperation of countries, forming, if necessary, proposals for federal authorities.